Small and dangerous. A new species of viper was found in China

15.06.2024/20/30 XNUMX:XNUMX    13

Researchers from China discovered a new species of poisonous plant snakes in Yunnan, a region known for its biodiversity. The new species, named Ovophis jenkinsi, was discovered in 2008 in Yingjiang and finally identified in 2023.

The snake is named after herpetologist Robert "Hank" William Garfield Jenkins, who was known for his passion for snakes and helped China and other Asian countries with snake conservation and management projects.

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Ovophis jenkinsi is usually dark brownish-gray in color, sometimes dark orange-brown, with trapezoidal spots on the back. Researchers note that the snake is slow, but can show aggression in the event of a threat, inflating its body and quickly attacking. To date, there are no data on cases of human bites by this species.

This species is endemic to China's Yingjiang County and is found only there. It is active mostly in autumn, preferring cool, wet and rainy nights, probably to avoid competition with other snakes. The snake probably feeds on small mammals.

"In the future, we will collect more information about O. jenkinsi, including their appearance, distribution and habits, to improve our understanding of this species," the researchers said.

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