The kitten that escaped from the box made the network laugh (VIDEO)

16.06.2024/06/10 XNUMX:XNUMX    14

A three-year-old resident of Los Angeles (USA) received a rather unusual surprise for Christmas, because the kitten that was intended for her as a gift decided to cause a little confusion on the morning of the holiday.

Heather Brooker, the girl's mother, said that she and her husband had long wanted to give their daughter a cat, but the surprise turned out a little differently than they had planned.

When the child began to open the box, the kitten quietly and imperceptibly got out from the edge and immediately retreated under the Christmas tree.

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It is not surprising that the girl awkwardly looked at the empty box, saddened by the fact that there was no gift there.

It was here that the parents drew her attention to the pet, who was carefully examining his new home.

When she realized what she was given, the three-year-old was so excited that she could only press her hands to her chest and announce to the camera that she now has a cat.

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