The DPRK could transfer almost 5 million artillery shells to Russia, - the Minister of Defense of South Korea

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North Korea has sent containers that can contain 5 million artillery shells to the Russian Federation. However, during his visit to Pyongyang, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is likely to want even more. This was stated by South Korean Defense Minister Shin Wonsik in an interview with Bloomberg News.

According to him, Seoul discovered at least 10 sea containers that were sent from North Korea to the Russian Federation, which may contain up to 4,8 million artillery shells, similar to those used by Putin to attack Ukraine.

"Putin is expected to seek closer cooperation with North Korea in the field of security, especially in the field of military supplies, such as artillery shells, which are necessary to take advantage of the chance of victory," Shin Wonsik emphasized.

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The minister noted that North Korea also sent dozens of ballistic missiles to the Russian Federation to help attack Ukraine. In return, Russia provided North Korea with technology that would enable the country to implement plans to deploy spy satellites and conventional weapons such as tanks and aircraft.

As reported by the South Korean newspaper DongA Ilbo, Putin will pay a visit to the DPRK as early as next week. The trip will be the first since July 2000 and will raise concerns from the US and its allies about the arms shipments that helped the Kremlin launch its attack on Ukraine.

“Ammunition sent by North Korea after the meeting between Putin and Kim in Russia in September, which led to increased trade between the neighbors, is likely to have greatly exceeded those sent by the United States and the European Union. This allowed the Kremlin forces to shell Ukraine, as they were forced to ration ammunition due to reduced supplies, and the provision of aid was blocked in the US Congress,” Bloomberg recalled.

In turn, satellite images show how Pyongyang is preparing for Putin's visit, the Seoul-based specialized service 38 North reports. The images show construction at Kim Il-sung Square in central Pyongyang, indicating preparations for a military parade. Also, planes parked at Pyongyang's main airport were moved to the runway, most likely to prepare the facility to receive the Russian dictator.

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Cooperation between the DPRK and Russia - the latest news

As he wrote, the Russian Federation sent experts to North Korea to help launch spy satellites. It was also reported that Pyongyang has increased the number of engine tests to meet their "high" standards.

In turn, the media warned that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had ordered his army to modernize its artillery, which could indicate increased support for Russia. At the same time, South Korea said it was investigating information that North Korean 122-mm artillery shells, which were manufactured in the 1970s, were supplied to the Russian Federation to wage war in Ukraine.

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