China lobbies its "peace plan" for Ukraine among other countries - mass media

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin expressed his support for the Chinese plan

China is trying to get developing countries involved in a six-point "peace plan" it previously unveiled.

China lobbies its peace plan for Ukraine among other countries - mass media

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China, which will not attend this weekend's peace summit in Switzerland, is lobbying world governments for its "peace plan". This was reported by Reuters with reference to 10 unnamed diplomats.

As the Peace Summit approaches, China has stepped up its outreach activities through meetings with foreign dignitaries.

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Beijing's special envoy for Eurasia, Li Hui, visited Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates last month and met with officials from developing countries at their embassies in Beijing.

China says it is trying to bring developing countries into a six-point "peace plan" it unveiled with Brazil last month. At the same time, Beijing did not criticize the summit in Switzerland and did not directly ask the country to refrain from participation, Beijing diplomats told the agency. However, one of the diplomats said that Beijing was saying that this peace summit would "prolong the war".

The proposal of the People's Republic of China envisages holding an international peace conference "at an appropriate time, recognized by both Russia and Ukraine, with equal participation of all parties, as well as an honest discussion of all peace plans."

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It should be noted that Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov suggested that China could organize such a conference. In addition, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin also expressed his support for the Chinese plan.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said 45 countries had backed China's proposal, and more than two dozen had either joined or were "seriously considering" it.

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"China sincerely hopes that the peace conference (in Switzerland) will not turn into a platform to create a bloc confrontation. Not attending it does not mean not maintaining peace," said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning.