Cyprus negotiates with the US to lift the arms embargo

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus Constantinos Kombos and US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

The strategic dialogue between the two states is assessed by high-ranking officials as "demonstrating the closest ties between the countries in history."

Cyprus negotiates with the US to lift the arms embargo

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The US and Cyprus have begun a strategic dialogue that "demonstrates the closest ties in history between the countries." Among the key priorities in the dialogue is the complete lifting of the US embargo on the sale of military weapons to the island nation without the need for annual approval from Congress. This was reported by the AP news agency.

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Nicosia is hoping to speed up the development of a natural gas field off the southeastern coast of Cyprus, which is licensed by US energy company Chevron.

The next priority is to include the island country in the program of visa-free entry to the USA, because Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania remain the only EU member states that are not included in it.

On the eve of talks with Cypriot Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos in Washington, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken hailed the start of the dialogue as "powerful evidence of strengthening, deepening and expanding relations between countries that work together in many areas."

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Kombos hailed the start of the dialogue as "a sign of the closest ever ties" with the US in the region, where "Cyprus can be relied on as a reliable partner."

The US has started similar strategic dialogues with 30 other countries, 13 of which are EU members. In recent years, Cyprus has made a clear strategic political shift towards the West, particularly the US, after decades of close relations with the former USSR and later the Russian Federation.

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