The Times reported how Prigozhin's rebellion could bury Putin's regime

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Journalists believe that Prigozhin can become the person "who pushed a pebble and caused a rockfall that buried Putin's regime"

Prigozhina shook the confidence of Russian elites in their dictator Vladimir Putin and showed his weakness. This is reported by The Times.

The newspaper notes that Prigozhin's rebellion became a challenge to Putin and the Kremlin. Therefore, while the founder of PMC "Wagner" remained alive, "the specter of the revolution haunted the Russian Federation."

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As The Times recalls, then the head of the Kremlin neutralized the threat in the form of Prigozhin - the latter's plane crashed under unknown circumstances. Despite this, the influence of the uprising did not disappear - the Russian elite became distrustful of Putin, and the world saw the weakness of the regime of the Russian dictator.

The journalists emphasize that the plane crash was the first case when the head of the Kremlin "clearly went against the commitments". Since that time, the elite in Russia has been haunted by the feeling that Putin "is no longer the one who masterfully managed the system."

Therefore, according to The Times, Prigozhin can become the person "who kicked the pebble and caused the rockfall that buried the Putin regime."

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We will remind that on August 23, 2023, the business jet of the leader of the "Wagner" PMK Yevhen Prigozhin crashed in the Tver region of the Russian Federation. All passengers and crew members died. Putin's cook himself was allegedly among them. Rosaviatsia has published a complete list of passengers and crew members of the Embraer-135 aircraft.

Washington is trying to find out how Wagner's plane was shot down.

Journalists speculated that probably the plane of the terrorist Prigozhin was shot down by a surface-to-air missile fired from the territory of Russia.

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