Experts named the top 10 best crossovers that lose the least in price after purchase

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Buyers are constantly looking for the perfect car, even on the secondary market. This also applies to crossovers. Experts simplified the task by indicating which cars should be bought in order to save money in the future.

Auto Bild has compiled a list of popular cars that lose less in value over time than other models. This is an important factor for the owner of the car, which can later be sold profitably.

Those models that lose a smaller percentage of the original price during the 4-year period of operation were recognized as the best.

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Which crossovers lose the least in price:

  1. Dacia Duster dCi 115 (30,8%);
  2. Mazda CX-30 e-Skyactiv-G 122 (30,8%);
  3. Range Rover Velar P250 (31,6%);
  4. BMW X6 xDrive30d (32,8%);
  5. Mini Cooper SE Countryman All4 (33%);
  6. Mercedes GLC Coupe 300d (34,3%);
  7. Genesis GV70 2.5T (35,5%);
  8. Genesis GV80 3.0 Diesel (36,5%);
  9. Range Rover Sport D300 (36,6%).
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Average loss of value was calculated for each car. The percentages reflect the estimated decline in price over four years.

The lower this indicator is, the better for the owner who plans to sell a used car, because in this case the loss of his money will be less.

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