Experts have listed the vitamins that are necessary to strengthen eyesight

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The rhythm of modern life has an additional impact on the health of a person's eyes, and that is why experts recommend taking vitamins. They listed those of them that are most necessary and effective for strengthening vision.

Nowadays, people strain their eyesight more and more in everyday life. They have to spend a lot of time at computer monitors and behind the wheel. As a result, visual acuity decreases and various eye diseases begin to develop. With a deficiency of vitamin A, these processes are accelerated. Its deficiency primarily leads to chicken blindness - weakening of twilight vision. Other symptoms may appear and cause discomfort, for example, intolerance to bright light, lacrimation and a general decrease in the immunity of the visual organs. Vision is especially affected by the glow of gadget screens. To improve health, you need to eat fruits and vegetables, preferably orange. Carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers and apricots are the most suitable. Blueberries and greens are also beneficial.

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It is necessary to regularly replenish the reserves of vitamin E. It is also useful because it contributes to the production of beta-carotene. This component plays an important role in strengthening eye immunity. To replenish its reserves, you need to eat seeds and vegetable oil, as well as pay attention to cereal products and sprouted wheat. In order to prevent rapid eye fatigue, it is necessary to obtain a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid. It is produced by pyelonephritis of vitamin C. If there is a lack of vitamin C in the body, degeneration of the retina may begin. To preserve the optic nerves and the mobility of the eye muscles, you need to eat citrus fruits, sea buckthorn, sweet pepper, apples, parsley and sorrel, as well as rose hips and sauerkraut.

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Vision needs vitamin B. It affects the way the visual organs communicate with the brain. You can get the element by eating meat, liver, fish, whole grain bread, fermented milk products, including cheese and almonds.