Experts named five morning actions to increase the productivity of the whole day

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Morning habits greatly affect the productivity and quality of the whole day. Experts named the actions that must be taken after the climb in order to get the most out of the coming day.

After getting out of bed, the first thing you need to do is go to the kitchen and drink a glass of clean water at room temperature. In this way, you can help the body to wake up instantly, since this technique starts all metabolic processes and promotes detoxification.

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It is better to put the smartphone aside, and devote time not to watching the news feed, but to charging. Research shows that morning physical activity is much more beneficial than evening exercise. It protects a person from diseases, keeps a slim figure and simply lifts the mood.

It is also worth taking a contrast shower. It not only has a positive effect on health, but also "washes away" the last traces of fatigue.

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Eggs, omelet, oatmeal, low-fat cottage cheese or natural yogurt are considered the best option for breakfast. You can drink them with a cup of coffee without sugar and milk.

You should get into the habit of making a plan for the day. It can indicate important matters and goals that must be achieved. This simple action allows the brain to work more actively and focus on current tasks.

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