The study showed how dangerous a large waist is for men

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More than 200 men from 40 to 69 years of age took part in the study by scientists from Great Britain. Doctors monitored their health for 10 years, regularly monitoring the body mass index (BMI), the total percentage of fat, the volume of the waist and its ratio to the hips. The results showed that a large waist in men increases the risk of a fatal disease.

Dr. Aurora Pérez-Cornago, who led the study, explained that weight gain around the abdomen is "most dangerous" because "this fat is located around vital organs." Such fat is also called visceral fat. It causes metabolic and hormonal dysfunction, which plays a major role in the development of prostate cancer in men. Among the main symptoms of the disease are frequent and painful urination, blood or sperm in the urine.

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During the 10 years of the study, 571 people died from this type of cancer. At the same time, most of them had a waist of more than 103 centimeters. According to doctors, their risk of getting this type of cancer is 35% higher than that of people with a waist of less than 90 centimeters - 25%. The ratio of the volume of the waist to the hips is also important. The risk of prostate cancer in men with midsection fat is 34% higher.

At the same time, the scientist specified that the researchers did not find a clear connection between the disease and the total fat content in the body. A larger study is needed to confirm these results. Perez-Cornago also emphasized that a high BMI also increases the risk of other diseases, including various types of cancer. Therefore, people should consider the negative consequences of being overweight.

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