"Up to +35": the forecaster told whether there will be intense heat in Ukraine

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Earlier, it was predicted that Ukrainians would be in for a 35-degree heat. Is it really so and where exactly will it be the hottest? Nataliya Ptuha, forecaster of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center, told about this and other forecast indicators, UNIAN writes.

Speaking about the weather this week in Ukraine in general, she noted that during the week the field of high pressure will prevail, which will ensure rain-free weather in many regions.

"But, nevertheless, we will also have certain disturbances, in the form of, for example, the passage of an atmospheric front. Here, for example, tomorrow we will already have a field of increased pressure. That is, the anticyclonic nature of the weather", said the Bird.

Yes, there will be no precipitation in most areas. In the afternoon in the northeast and east of the country, there may still be some residual processes, which are still connected with the cyclone that slowly moved through the territory of Ukraine during the weekend, and today is already leaving our borders, exiting to the northeast of the territory of Ukraine.

"Later, on the 19th, we also have an anticyclone in the afternoon in many areas, without precipitation, sunny. But, at the same time, a new atmospheric front is approaching from the northwest. It will reach the territory of Ukraine - the first to meet it are the western, northwestern regions, we can even say so. And accordingly, in the evening, in the afternoon of the 19th, we expect short-term rains, separate thunderstorms in the western regions", the forecaster said.

The wind during the passage of this atmospheric front can be a total of 7-12 meters per second.

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In the evening-night of June 19, this atmospheric front will move to the northern and central regions, and will also partially affect the southern regions. And in the daytime hours of June 20, it will be located over the southeastern part of Ukraine.

"South-eastern part of Ukraine. Not even the left bank. Because there it will not affect, for example, Sumy Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast. But only in the south-east of Ukraine in the daytime hours on Thursday we expect short-term rains, separate thunderstorms. There may even be hail and squalls in some places", the expert noted.

At the same time, according to her, this atmospheric front will be quite fast and active. It will pass through the territory of Ukraine and on June 20 there will be no precipitation in the western, northern and most central regions.

"Once again, the high pressure field will provide sunny weather without precipitation. This anticyclone will be located over the center of Europe and, accordingly, will shape the weather in most regions of Ukraine. During Friday, it will also provide us, the whole country, with weather without precipitation: sunny, with comfortable temperature valuesand", explained the Bird.

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At the same time, certain changes may occur already on Saturday due to another atmospheric front from the west. The western regions of Ukraine will be the first to meet him.

Speaking about the temperature indicators this week, the forecaster noted: "As for temperatures, they are quite comfortable here. Right now, for some reason, the mass media somewhere grabbed the number 34, grabbed it and are already shouting that we will have incredible heat throughout the territory of Ukraine. No. This is absolutely not the case".

The bird explained that this week the temperature background will be higher, compared to the previous one, because there will be more sun and less precipitation. "But these 30-35 - they can be with us unless on Wednesday and unless only in the southern part of Ukraine. That is, no more. The rest of the territory - in our daytime hours tomorrow and the day after tomorrow 25-31 - this is an absolutely normal, comfortable temperature background for summer. Then, after the passage of the atmospheric front, on Thursday even in most regions 21-26 - even a decrease, we can say, we will observe temperatures. And in the south, in the southeast - it will also not be 30-35, for example, as on Wednesday, but 27-32", the expert noted.

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She emphasized that even 35 degrees on one day in the south is an absolutely normal summer temperature for this region.

Bad weather in Ukraine - the forecaster named the areas where there will be thunderstorms, showers, squalls and hail

Earlier, forecaster Ihor Kibalchich noted that this week in Ukraine, classic summer weather is expected, with periodic rains and a predominance of warm, sometimes hot air mass.

According to Kibalchich, thanks to the arrival of air masses and atmospheric fronts from Central Europe, quite unstable weather is expected in the western regions of our country - there will be periodic rains with thunderstorms, and in some places heavy downpours, squalls and large hail are not excluded.

In other regions, the forecaster notes, more stable weather is expected with a gradual increase in temperature, especially in the south and southeast.