The Black Sea has recovered after the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP

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Recently, a year has passed since the cruel ecocide on the part of the Russian Federation - the blowing up of the Kakhovskaya HPP. Ukrainian ecologists have conducted a number of studies to find out the current state of the water in the Black Sea in Odesa, he writes SEEDS

As a year ago, state environmental protection inspectors took samples of sea water at the same points, namely the village of Nova Dauphinivka, the beach "Lanjeron", the 16th station of the Great Fountain.

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Specialists conducted research in laboratory conditions on the subject of pollution. This is reported by the State Environmental Inspection of the South-Western District.

"The results of studies of the main chemical indicators of seawater quality are normal, namely: total iron - 0,05 mg/dm³, ammonium nitrogen - 0,03 mg/dm³, dissolved oxygen - 6,7 mgO2/dm³, nitrates - 0,6 mg/dm³, nitrites – 0,02 mg/dm³. Suspended substances correspond to background values.