Why you should not keep photos of your relatives in your wallet

15.06.2024/01/00 XNUMX:XNUMX    5

People often put photos of loved ones in the transparent section of their wallet. The motivation is quite bright and pleasant: to be near, in front of your eyes, so as not to forget, etc. But the consequences, as folk wisdom says, may not be so optimistic.

They name 3 reasons why you should not keep photos in your wallet:

  1. Blocking financial flows. If you carry things in your wallet that are not intended for it and are not related to money, they can block the flow of finances. The most harmful is when a photo of a person who has already died.
  2. The effect on the energy of the person in the photo. Money is called "dirty" for a reason. They have negative energy, and therefore its influence is reflected on the person in the photo.
  3. Conflicts in relationships. They also talk about the negative impact on relationships, quarrels and misunderstandings due to the fact that the photo of a loved one is near money (moral and material conflict).
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You can believe it or not, but sometimes it is better not to play with what folk omens warn about.