Why do people consider other people's lives better than their own?

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The grass is green everywhere. And we, most likely, simply do not distinguish colors... This article has nothing to do with color blindness and is related to the well-known saying that the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. For those not in the know, this means that people are never satisfied with their current state of affairs and that they constantly feel as if others have it better.

As an example, anyone can cite news on Instagram about how someone is traveling around the world, statuses on Facebook about someone's wonderful family life, or real stories about living life to the fullest. All this makes us green with envy, because our own life seems so boring and difficult to us.

But it is not so. Our life is not terrible at all.

Stop comparing yourself to others

We compare absolutely everything: salary, clothes, physique, number of fans on Instagram. Surprisingly, the most unpleasant thing about such a comparison is not that we compare superficial measurable things (or immeasurable things), but that we compare all our worst with something best in another person.

This is because we know how bad our own lives can be, while only making assumptions about the lives of others. Sometimes you may not notice that the "other side" is not so beautiful at all, because people, as a rule, only tell good stories about themselves, the ones they are proud of, like a promotion, a wedding, or a vacation. But no one brags about their hard days, and at this time we compare our imperfect existence with the incredible achievements of our "opponents".

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You can control only one life - your own

The unhealthy habit of comparing ourselves to other people only leads to dissatisfaction, distracting us and forcing us to spend energy observing other people's successes instead of achieving our own. Comparisons are endless.

But if comparison with others does not bring anything important to our lives, then why constantly strive for endless feelings of inferiority, envy and injustice?

Sometimes competition may be appropriate, but that is not the case in our lives. We are all unique and special in our own way. You are also unique and special, so accept yourself as you are.

Give, help and serve other people

Many studies have been conducted that prove the benefits of charity, and not only from the side of its recipients, but also for the happiness and health of the benefactors themselves.

For decades, scientists have shown that positive emotions are reflected in the work of our body, contributing to the production of endorphins and the "love hormone" oxytocin, which causes a feeling of warmth and happiness. Moreover, there is an old saying: "If you want eternal happiness, help someone."

Happiness comes to us in the form of kindness and joy - positive feedback on everything we have done to help others. And this makes us appreciate life as a whole.

When sacrificing money, time, skills, or talents, have a goal to strive for

The basis for charitable activities should be the construction of a prosperous life, as well as personal development and the development of one's hobbies.

Regular charitable contributions, dedication of our time to others, and sincere mentorship fill life with small rays of happiness when we see the fruits of our help and make someone's life better.

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By extending a helping hand, with the achievement of each new goal, we add value to our lives.

The fact that we are able to help another person makes us appreciate even more what we already have. And the more we give, the more meaning we find in life. This is a kind of positive closed circle in which kindness makes us happy, and happiness encourages us to be kinder.

Be grateful for the little things that bring simple joys

One of the biggest mistakes is that we spend too much time on the things we don't have, instead of the things we already have. And this contradicts the very essence of life satisfaction.

Instead of thinking about unpleasant things that only create bad memories, it is better to make a list of what brings you pleasure. Train your brain to see the positive, because a constant number of small victories are much more satisfying than the big and rare events that (we think) will make us happy.

Understand that our happiness does not depend on material goods

The reason so many people struggle to find meaning in life is because they believe that material things bring happiness. We make purchases because we think they will add comfort, security and variety to our lives. But money cannot make us happier.

If we really want to achieve happiness, we will have to direct all our time and energy to the development of inner values: humanity, kindness and love. Once the qualities of the simple life are revealed in all their beauty, we can begin to enjoy all the small and free things that are already present in our lives.

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Feel them for a while in a quiet environment, reflect on your life and express gratitude for something - life should have meaning and be realized.

Look inside yourself, accept your essence and realize that happiness has been living inside you for a long time.

Contentment is when a person is satisfied with his life and everything he has. We should not stop learning new things, developing and getting to know the world. Our ambitious aspirations should bring us joy so that we end up becoming the best version of ourselves.

Gratitude for the progress we have made is an integral part of happiness, and therefore we need to learn to measure our success in order to consciously choose happiness, because, like everything in this life, satisfaction depends only on choice.

Decide for yourself how good your life is, start enjoying its gifts, do everything that allows you to grow and makes you happy, and don't turn into your worst enemy by resorting to toxic comparisons.

Having cultivated the right outlook and approach to life, we will see that we already have everything we need for happiness. After all, the well-known saying that the grass always seems greener on the other side actually means something else: someone else's circumstances always seem more desirable than one's own, but in reality, this is often not the case at all.

One should be grateful for the opportunity to be happy, and it has always been so.