Why a loved one loses interest in you: 7 main reasons

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If you suddenly noticed that his attitude towards you is not changing for the better, this is the first signal that something is wrong. Let's talk about the main reasons why a loved one loses interest in you.

You constantly want to change it

Marie Forleo, a famous American life coach, in her bestseller "You are a goddess! How to drive men crazy" explained 10 years ago that it is vital for a man to be accepted by his woman. Moreover, the writer compared the choice of a loved one to the purchase of a product, which we cannot change or rework. It is clear that it is not worth silently putting up with the way he sputters, drinks a lot of beer or plays computer games. It is necessary to discuss this and find a solution to the problem together. But interfering in his relationships with friends or loved ones, forcing him to wear shirts or go to the gym with you, changing habits and hobbies without his consent is very dangerous for the relationship. All the more so if quarrels have already arisen on this ground.

You take care of him excessively

We are all goddesses, but often, especially at the beginning of a relationship, we almost arrange a cult of our beloved. "Now everything is just for him!" — the woman repeats like a mantra, and throws herself into a maelstrom of borschts, endless washing and cleaning. Of course, you may not believe it, but there are even those who quit their jobs for the sake of their loved ones in order to be at home as often as possible and create comfort. Such a position of a woman arouses emotion and admiration only in the first days of life together. And then a woman seems too intrusive to a man or, as they sometimes say, intrusive. And if you add to this your regular messages and calls on the topic "How are you? What do you do? Did you have lunch?", a break in relations cannot be avoided. Why does a man need another mother?

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You talk a lot for nothing

Maybe at first men like our stories, but very soon they develop an allergy to all these endless stories. However, not everyone admits this. So the poor man has to listen to gossip, stories of celebrities, scandals at work and complaints about life in a woman's body. By the way, not everyone can withstand it either. This is why scandals begin. And if you do not understand in time why the relationship went cold and how to solve the problem, you will have to add new names to your "Ex" list.

You are too self-confident and independent

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Men really like strong women, but at home they most often want to see a soft, adequate girl who will not humiliate them and behave superiorly. Be that as it may, your lover wants to be both a provider and a protector and a knight for you. And if you openly declare that you can live completely normally without his help, consider that you are ruining the relationship with your own hands. All that remains is to remind you that you have three red diplomas, your salary is higher and he lives in your apartment.

You don't understand his jokes

Let's be honest! If you were initially annoyed by his sense of humor, why didn't you tell him about it? And if you didn't like it at all, why did you agree to a relationship? Thought you could change it? Then go up and re-read the first point. Psychologists say: despite the fact that opposites attract, the psychotypes or forms of communication of partners are often similar. Therefore, if you always liked his irony and sarcasm during a conversation, and then they suddenly started to annoy you, it's not just about the man. Instead of arguing and blaming your loved one, think about what could have caused your dislike.

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You don't value yourself

Don't you love Don't you respect Don't you take care of yourself? In general, if you lose even a little bit of one of these moments, the relationship begins to collapse. Therefore, with the appearance of a boyfriend or the beginning of a life together, you should not give up trips to the gym or fitness, visits to cosmetologists, spa, shopping, meetings with girlfriends. You should have personal space and time just for yourself. But, of course, without harming the relationship. For example, why not go shopping or to the spa with your husband?

You spend a lot of time on social networks

The story of a tired and dissatisfied Instahusband could look funny if it didn't turn into reality more and more often. It has already happened that everyone wants to be a blogger, and those who do not admit it, try to keep their profile as beautiful as possible and pay special attention to communication on the network. Not forgetting, of course, to regularly check photos of friends, colleagues and influencers. But in all this flow of information, it is very important to keep a place for real life and live communication with a loved one. Tired after work, he deserves your attention and presence much more than any celebrity.