Do you need to cut lilies after flowering?

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Lilies are beautiful exotic flowers that require minimal maintenance.

Many flower growers wonder if they should be cut immediately after flowering.

Features of the lily

Lilies are elegant flowers with tall stems. To many, at first glance, they may seem too demanding, but in fact they require minimal maintenance.

Lilies need no more care than other flowers. They need a lot of sun and moderate humidity for active growth. At the same time, it is better to choose an area with optimal air circulation.

Is it possible to cut lilies immediately after flowering?

Experienced florists recommend cutting lily flowers immediately after flowering. If you leave them on the stem, they will begin to form seeds and take additional energy. However, flowers can be pinched off only if they have already started to wither a little below the flower. Sanitary pruning is really considered important because it allows you to keep the plant clean.

If you plan to cut the lilies into separate bouquets, leave at least half the height of the stem. It is best to choose stems that contain several buds. Do not cut the stems too deeply. The plant must accumulate enough nutrients for the next season. If you place lilies in cool water, they will delight you with their pleasant smell for several days.

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To prevent the spread of disease between different plants, you need to disinfect the blades of the tools after each use. They are wiped with a clean cloth soaked in alcohol.

Do you need to cut the stems after flowering?

Immediately after flowering, the leaves begin to gradually turn yellow and fall. Some flower growers often have a desire to remove untidy leaves. However, there is no need to succumb to temptation, because the plant receives nutrients from the leaves. If you cut the leaves prematurely, the plant may not have time to accumulate a sufficient amount of useful components. As a result, the next year's flowering will be reduced.

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Some gardeners leave stems and leaves to quickly identify where the plants are growing. They slowly appear in the spring, so they can be accidentally dug up. Soft bulbs can be easily damaged by garden tools.

How to cut lilies correctly

First, it is recommended to cut the stem by 20 centimeters. Then the remaining stems are simply bent in such a way that water does not get inside. Otherwise, their end will stick out above the snow and the plant may die. For the successful wintering of lilies, it is also important to prevent cold air from reaching the roots.

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The only exception to pruning is the removal of diseased stems. Lilies are resistant to various diseases, but sometimes suffer from root rot. If flabby leaves cause concern, then it should be simply cut. Lilies affected by the mosaic virus must be dug up and burned.