Does sauna and bath help to lose weight

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There is a widespread belief that baths and saunas are a panacea for excess weight, and on the Internet you can find thousands of "expert" tips on how to properly steam in a bath so that excess fat "melts" and comes out with sweat. In fact, all this works in a completely different way, because if extra pounds could really be melted, the diet and fitness industry would not exist in principle. We will tell you how the bath actually affects the body and why you should not count on it if you want to lose weight.

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First, let's understand what happens to our body at high temperatures. Although the principles of operation of different types of baths - sauna, infrared, hammam - differ, they affect the body in approximately the same way. In a hot room, the body temperature rises, and in order to cool down, the body begins to actively sweat.

Subsequently, first of all, excess liquid, as well as slags and toxins are released, which in general provides a good detoxification. It is precisely because of the fact that the body loses excess water when it is heated that a false opinion arose regarding the effect of the bath on weight loss. Water makes up a significant part of our body weight, and if you weigh yourself immediately after taking a bath, you will actually see that you have lost 1-2 kg. However, with the first glass of water drunk, the weight will begin to return.

In principle, it is impossible to "melt" fat deposits, and fat burning occurs under the only condition - a calorie deficit. However, regular visits to the sauna or bath can help speed up the metabolism and cleanse the body, which will somewhat simplify the process of losing weight. In addition, various scrubs, wraps and oils will work much more effectively on steamed, heated skin, which will help tone the skin. However, the main role in losing weight is still played by nutrition and sports.

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