Britain called for a hunt for the "shadow fleet" of the Russian Federation, and the Big Seven are preparing new sanctions

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Head of the Foreign Ministry of Great Britain David Cameron called Russian tankers transporting oil to circumvent sanctions a "phantom fleet" and called on the world community to "hunt" for it. He noted that currently Great Britain closely cooperates with the countries of the European Union in this matter.

The corresponding statement was made by Cameron during a conversation with journalists, reports the Italian publication Corriere della Sera. He noted that the West should stop the Kremlin's military machine.

"We have to hunt down the phantom fleet that illegally delivers Russian oil around the world... We will show Putin that we are all for Ukraine: we will chase the money, the oil, we will stop the gas, we will stop the ships, we will do everything possible to stop the Russian military machine, and we will show Putin all the absurdity of his actions." Cameron remarked.

At the same time, it became known that the G7 countries intend to include in the G-XNUMX government communiqué an obligation to strengthen price restrictions on Russian oil, to "suppress" the Kremlin's future energy projects, and to reduce Moscow's income from metal exports .

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This is reported by Bloomberg. It is explained that the G-7 price cap on Russian oil and petroleum products prohibits Western shipowners, insurers and intermediaries from providing ships and services for cargoes whose value exceeds the threshold values.

"We will continue to put significant pressure on Russian revenues from energy and other goods," - says the statement of the Big Seven.

At the same time, the publication notes, although previously introduced restrictions prompted Moscow to abandon Western insurance and look for alternatives, the Russian Federation was able to largely avoid the impact of sanctions by assembling a fleet of tankers operating in jurisdictions that are difficult to track. In addition, Russia has turned to non-Western service providers to transport its barrels to new markets, such as India.

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The G-7 leaders also pledged to do more to prevent "the development of future energy projects and disrupt access to the goods and services that these projects rely on," and continue to reduce Russia's metals revenues.