The businessman demands from Apple 5 million pounds for the fact that his wife found out about his infidelities

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According to reported the A British businessman is suing Apple after his wife found "deleted" messages he sent to sex workers on another device, The Times reports. з here on TSN.

The unfaithful husband, who has not been named but is reported to be a middle-aged man from England, claims that Apple's lack of transparency about the deleted messages led to his wife filing for divorce.

He said he approached prostitutes in the last years of his marriage and contacted them through the iMessage app on his iPhone before deleting the messages.

But the wife eventually found those messages on the family's iMac, along with messages he thought he had deleted.

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"If you are told that a message has been deleted, you have the right to believe that it has been deleted," he said in an interview. “It still hurts quite a bit. It was a very cruel way for my wife to find out. I think if I had been able to talk to her rationally and she hadn't taken it so harshly, I might still be married. Divorce is an extremely stressful process, and you have children and family dynamics to deal with. I think it's all because Apple told me my messages were deleted when they weren't. If the message said 'These messages have been deleted on this device', that would be a hint, or 'These messages have only been deleted on this device', which would be even better.'

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He has now sued the company for more than £5m (over 250m hryvnias) which he lost in divorce and legal costs, claiming the company failed to explain to customers that deleted messages could appear on other Apple devices.

Simon Walton of the London law firm Rosenblatt, which represents the interests of the businessman, said in an interview with the Telegraph that "Apple has not explained to users what happens to the messages they send, receive and, importantly, delete."

"In many cases, the iPhone informs the user that the message has been deleted, but as we've seen, this is untrue and misleading because they're still on other devices connected to it - something Apple doesn't tell its users, he said. "I'd love to hear from other Apple customers who have had similar issues."

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