The last ship of the legendary polar explorer was found off the coast of Canada

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The wreckage of the last ship that belonged to Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous British explorer of Antarctica, has been found off the coast of Labrador in Canada. They lay in the water for 62 years after the Quest sank after hitting an iceberg.

There were shipwrecks discovered by researchers of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society using sonar at a depth of 390 meters. Researchers also found a broken mast of the ship near the stern.

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Shackleton's death on board the "Quest" in 1922 marked the end of the era, the so-called "heroic century" of Antarctic research.

Significantly, the Quest was simply Shackleton's ship. After his death, the ship was used for arctic research and seal fishing. And, as it turned out, despite the damage when it hit the bottom, "Quest" was preserved in a fairly good condition.

Now that the ship has been found, the next step for underwater archaeologists will be to launch remotely operated vehicles to capture images of its remains.

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Let me remind you that in 2022, researchers discovered another sunken vessel of Shackleton's Endurance.