The EU's security initiatives can lead to the collapse of NATO, the ex-Minister of Defense of Britain said

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Security initiatives of the European Union could lead to the collapse of NATO. Former British Defense Minister Liam Fox writes about this in his column for The Telegraph.

"The next frontier of the EU federalist project is gaining control over what makes states sovereign - defense. There is a debate in Brussels about how to achieve this. Will the EU member states transfer their forces to the control of the EU command? Or Brussels can dictate which sectors of the defense industry are located within the EU, thereby making all members dependent on each other and on the center," the British military said.

Fortunately, he said, those in Europe who wish to uphold and preserve their national sovereignty are challenging the worst manifestations of such thinking. At the same time, as a result of compromises in politics, a confused model of the EU "defense union" may emerge, real enough to undermine European security, but not powerful enough to protect it.

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According to him, the EU defense project risks undermining collective security in three ways: the first is money, because too few European NATO members currently commit to 2% of GDP in their defense budgets, with 80% of NATO's defense spending on Alliance countries that are not part of the EU.

"The second risk is the duplication of the organization. Brussels' fixation on the processes and political aspects of defense has created a labyrinth of EU defense initiatives, programs and acronyms. The creation of EU organizations is redundant when NATO and national systems already exist. The third risk is the political weakness of the EU. … The EU's defense initiatives will not primarily complement NATO's capabilities, but will involve them in an internal struggle and a veto by the Brussels bureaucracy, which will be responsible for sending men and women to combat operations, but in principle will not have any responsibility,” summarizes Fox.

The latest military initiatives of the EU

The European Union decided to catch up and overtake Russia in the production of shells. This was announced by the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton.

He noted that this year the countries of the European Union intend to bring production capacity to the mark of 1,7 million shells per year, and already in 2025, Europe plans to reach the level of 2,5 million shells per year.

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