Uncontrolled intake of vitamins can cause oncology

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Every home has a first-aid kit, which contains medicines for all occasions, and many people take care of their health by taking vitamins. At the same time, few people think about the harm these means can cause. Meanwhile, vitamin complexes can even provoke oncology.

Many people prefer to self-medicate and self-medicate. At the same time, almost no one thinks about the risks of such an approach. According to candidate of medical sciences Mykola Kryuchkov, in the best case, uncontrolled medication will be useless, and in the worst case, it can significantly weaken health.

This primarily concerns tranquilizers, cardiac drugs, and blood pressure medications, which can only be taken if necessary.

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Antidepressants and barbiturates should be treated with extreme caution. As for unnecessary drugs, this list includes antiviral and anti-influenza drugs, as well as homeopathic remedies. For example, sedatives are often addictive. In turn, cardiotropic drugs reduce the contractility of the myocardium.

Vitamins are no less dangerous. It turned out that they can cause cancer. It is only worth recalling the tragic fate of the American scientist Linus Pauling, who, being a Nobel Prize laureate, at one point became fascinated with the idea of ​​using large doses of vitamin C, which was designed to prevent many dangerous ailments.

Pauling has an army of millions of followers after the release of his book, which became a bestseller. Colleagues then began to seriously worry about the fact that this vitamin would not have a healing, but a destructive effect on the body. Arthur Robinson found that in high doses, this drug not only does not save, but provokes oncology. Pauling was angered by his colleague's conclusions, but the story ended very sadly. The scientist's wife, who started using vitamin C following her husband's example, died of stomach cancer. Svetylo himself died of prostate cancer.

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The cardiologist admitted that nutritional supplements are very popular, like other vitamin preparations. At the same time, few people know that women who uncontrollably take multivitamins are more likely to get breast cancer. They also like to be treated with vitamin D3, but this can be done against the background of monitoring blood parameters.

It should be remembered that even herbal medicines can be dangerous. The fact is that some of them provoke autoimmune diseases that are in the "embryonic form". Herbs can promote the excretion of salts, which can have a negative effect on general well-being. Diuretics are also dangerous, they make the blood thicker. Taking diuretics often provokes arrhythmia and other problems in the work of the heart.

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According to the doctor, when talking about the safety of medicines, it is worth mentioning the great Paracelsus, who once said a brilliant phrase: "Everything is poison and everything is medicine. Only the dose turns medicine into poison and poison into medicine."