An American cat named KitKat set a record for jumping rope

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A cat with the "sweet" name KitKat from the US state of Missouri set a world record: in a minute he was able to jump over a rope as many as 9 times! His hostess, Trisha Seyfried, helped him in this. The woman has been training animals for many years and even started a talent agency among domestic animals.

Trisha found KitKat abandoned in a barn when he was only 4 weeks old. She took the kitten home and, because of her profession, immediately began to train it. Even before six months, the pet learned to show some tricks in front of a crowd of people.

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To date, his "working arsenal" has more than 20 tricks, including "high five", spin, give a command voice, approach the mark and touch it with his paw, and much more.

"Jumping rope is definitely his most impressive trick, but because of his age, we've already kept the jumping to a minimum. Apparently, his favorite trick now is "high five". He likes to high-five all his fans at events."

And only two factors motivate the cat - tasty treats and the attention of the audience! The owner notes that KitKat really likes to hear kind words addressed to him, to see people's smiling faces and, of course, to have a tasty snack.

KitKat is a real star. In addition to the fact that his name will now appear on the website of the Guinness Book of Records, he has already shone his face on television several times.

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Trisha herself is proud of her pet, calling him a one-of-a-kind cat who is ready to work day in and day out and at the same time find the strength to give others his affection and love.