5 tricks that will help you quit smoking and not lose weight

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Many people do not want to give up smoking for fear of gaining extra pounds. So that one problem does not turn into another, use simple tricks.

Usually, people who quit smoking add up to five kilograms in the first months. But this can be avoided if:

Tip #1. Breathing should be fresh.

If you always brush your teeth or freshen your breath after eating, you won't want to chew too much. Plus, it will help not to grab a cigarette after eating a lot.

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Tip No. 2. Only a low-calorie snack.

If you want to smoke or eat, it means it's time to refresh yourself. However, in order not to add extra weight to the waist, it is better to eat snacks that contain few calories. These include carrots, apples, celery, and cucumbers. They will satiate and reduce cravings.

Tip No. 3. Training.

During the period of quitting smoking, it is very important to do something serious. Effective physical training. Experts advise that they must be paired. Let it be your loved one, friend or relative. The main thing is that endorphins are released. Then you won't want to smoke or eat too much.

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Advice No. 4. Time.

Every smoker knows that he smokes for hours. There is some interval when he goes for a smoke break. If you don't want to fail, plan some things for this time. You will be distracted and everything will be fine!

Tip #5: Trick yourself.

The habit of keeping something in your mouth will not get you anywhere. If you don't put a cigarette in there, you'll want to chew something. And this does not bode well. Therefore, always carry sugar-free lollipops, dragees, nuts in your pocket or bag.


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