5 steps to stop aimlessly sitting on the Internet

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Reducing the time we spend browsing social networks and surfing the Web, which does not commit to anything, is good in theory, but in practice it seems almost impossible. Our phones seem to be the focus of our entire lives: from work information to communication with friends and meditation programs. It is incredibly difficult to do without it, but it is equally difficult to stop feeling remorse when looking at the amount of time spent on the phone in a week. These few steps will help you start to minimize the time that is wasted.

Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy and its calming properties will make you think twice before holding the phone. Place just a few drops of your favorite essential oils on your palm, rub your hands together, then run your hands over your nose and mouth, followed by a few deep breaths. This simple method will allow you to disconnect your mind from the phone.

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Go for a walk

Going outside will help you get distracted and distracted instead of reaching for your phone again. On a walk, you can simply look around in all directions, taking your time, and look at familiar trees with new eyes or just listen to the chirping of birds. A deep breath of fresh air will help you calm down and notice the beauty around you, not in the bowels of gadgets.

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Breathing practices

Gaining peace of mind while staying connected to the Web is clearly mission impossible. Looks like it's time to try to work on your breathing. Close your eyes, lower your shoulders, relax your facial muscles, and then take a deep breath and hold your breath for a count of eight, and then exhale again for a count of eight. This simple exercise should be repeated several times to reconnect with yourself.

Set a timer

Allocating a limited amount of time to browsing social networks is a great way to learn how to manage your own life. Having a timer will allow you to give up the idea of ​​unconsciously picking up your phone to check email and social media. In addition, it is worth prohibiting the use of devices half an hour before bedtime: instead, you can simply read your favorite books, and this will actually help you fall asleep.

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Charge your phone in another room

Gadgets are often discharged with constant use, but it is difficult to be distracted from virtual life, even when the phone is connected to the charger. Do it in another room to give time to rest both the phone and yourself.