13 signs that your partner is a toxic person

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Unfortunately, toxic love is one of the most common forms of love. This is because toxic people are often more attractive and bright, especially at the beginning of a relationship. But when a toxic partner realizes that you are in love, that's when his true nature is revealed.

The stronger your attachment to your partner, the more likely the relationship will become toxic for you. Manipulators and exploiters will latch on to your emotions like vampires, using your love as they please.

One thing can be said for sure - a toxic relationship will continue until the moment when a loving person realizes that he should not waste his love on an ungrateful partner.

There are 13 signs that your relationship has lost its meaning and has become toxic:

A partner always puts himself first

If a person, being in a working relationship with you, is constantly focused only on himself, then this will never change. In a healthy relationship, everything is built on equality, harmony and compromises. If your partner is not ready for this, then you will not have a normal relationship with him.

Your partner puts the blame on you

Toxic partners never admit their wrongdoing. They will prove to the last that it is your fault that they are aggressive, irritated or tired. A person who is truly in love would never do such a thing.

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Toxic partners have developed double standards

Such partners do not recognize other people's point of view and other people's wishes. You can crack nuts about their double standards - that's how strong they are. Such a partner will throw you tantrums if you stay up late with friends in a bar, although he himself will come home from parties in the morning. It's just that for them, a partner is not a person, but a thing that has no right to feelings and emotions.

Toxic partners do not respect your personal boundaries

For a toxic partner, your desires and boundaries do not exist, only their own. Therefore, he will force you to do what you do not want to do, break you down and subjugate you until your pride and self-respect evaporate.

When you feel bad, they feel good

A characteristic of toxic partners is that they like to abuse those who love them. When you feel good, they will definitely spoil your mood. Why? Because it gives them a special form of perverse pleasure

They lie

For some reason, toxic people like to lie. They will lie about things that don't matter and do everything they can to make you doubt yourself and your importance. Even if you really want to trust a toxic partner, they will trample your trust over and over again.

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They refuse to give you personal space

Toxic partners do not respect the right to personal space. They don't understand why you want to be alone, to think, to be silent. Such people will break any of your boundaries, and if you show a desire to distance yourself a little, expect hysteria with accusations and aggression.

Toxic partners are bent on control

They will control not only you, but also all areas of your life. Such partners want to become your master, god and king! They want you to follow all your instructions, and if you refuse, they will simply leave as if you never existed.

They don't listen to you or care about your needs

Toxic people will not listen to you or your needs. They are too focused on themselves to care about you and what you want. They will only care about themselves, even if you have been together for years.

They don't want you to grow as a person and hold you back

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Toxic people don't want you to grow as a person, they want you stuck in one place while they themselves reach heights. They chose you because of the malleability they enjoy, and if you become stronger, it will be a serious obstacle to their enslavement.

They manipulate your physical love

Such people may deny you pleasure or use it to gain power over you. They seek to suppress your will and your desires, so either tighten your belts or run away from them.

Toxic partners never compromise

Toxic people do not compromise. They never agree with other people's opinions, and they want everything to be the way they want it. At first it is funny and touching, but it is impossible to endure this for a long time.

Toxic partners want too much from you

Toxic people want more than anything from the people in their lives. If you can't do something for them, they will scold you, dust and annoy you until you turn inside out and do what they want.

As you can see, tolerating a toxic partner is a real feat. But answer the question - why do people suffer in such relationships?