Exemplary durability: the hundred-year-old Ford T started after 74 years of idleness on the street (video)

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A vintage Ford T from 1950 sits in an open-air junkyard. It is covered with rust, but it was possible to start its engine after simple manipulations.

In the USA, they were able to revive the famous Ford T of 1923. The car was found at a junkyard, where it had been parked for the past 74 years. The video with him was published on the Jennings Motor Sports YouTube channel.

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It was found that the Ford T was written off and ceased to be used in 1950. Since then, the classic car has been in the landfill, but it was not scrapped.

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The Ford T engine was started
Photo: screenshot / YouTube

The condition of the Ford T leaves much to be desired - the car is completely rusted, and its wooden roof has rotted and collapsed. However, the car is complete, and even the tires have been preserved.

What's more, the Ford T engine is intact. When they took it apart, they found rust and mouse droppings inside, but when the engine was cleaned, new spark plugs and battery were installed, gasoline was added, it started. The engine first caught fire, and then the radiator leaked, but it works. The next step is to get the Ford T to drive.

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We will remind that Ford T is the world's first mass model. Thanks to assembly line production, more than 1908 million of these cars were produced from 1927 to 15. Ford T was equipped with a 2,9-liter gasoline four, which in different years developed from 20 to 23 hp.