A huge blue ball: a meteorite fall was recorded in Portugal. Video

19.05.2024/18/31 XNUMX:XNUMX    1390

On the evening of May 18, residents of Portugal and Spain saw a possible meteor in the sky that lit up the sky with a bright blue flash. At the same time, local authorities have still not found the object that fell to Earth.

This is reported by The Daily Beast.

So, eyewitnesses filmed a neon flash of blue light with a white "tail" in different countries. One video was recorded on the driver's dash cam, and the second was recorded in the crowd.

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The authorities of Viseu in Portugal said that they were informed of the fall of an unknown object in the sky, but are still searching for this possible celestial body that fell on our planet. The publication suggests that the "meteor" could have burned up in the atmosphere, which is why it has not yet been found.