Scientists revealed the details of the most powerful explosion on the Sun in the last 7 years

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Solar activity reached a new peak: on May 14, 2024, a huge flare of class X8.7 was registered, which became the strongest emission since 2017. This flare came from sunspot AR 3664, which had already produced powerful solar storms last week capable of producing spectacular auroras.

X-class flares are considered the most powerful solar flares and can have significant effects on Earth, including radiation storms that disrupt radio communications and can even damage satellites.

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Scientists monitor the solar cycle, which lasts about 11 years and means the period between maximum and minimum solar activity. The current solar cycle began in 2020 and is expected to peak in the summer of 2025. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections from this cycle have already exceeded all previous predictions.

The flash output of the X8.7 could have been even higher, as the data view shows. The last such powerful outburst was recorded in September 2017 with a magnitude of X11.88. Interestingly, solar flares can cause extremely bright auroras, affect power grids, and disrupt GPS and cell phone signals.

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The solar flare from AR 3664 was so intense that even after it ends, astronomers expect further activity from this sunspot, which is now exiting the visible region of the Sun and will soon reappear on the other side.