University of Vermont confers doctorate on cat

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The University of Vermont awarded the cat a Ph.D

Photo: Kaitlyn Tanner / Courtesy

In the USA, a cat was awarded a doctorate

A graduate of the University of Vermont's Castleton campus, he earned universal love for his special friendliness.

The University of Vermont has awarded an honorary doctorate to Max the cat, who is so beloved by students. This was reported by Nuffpost on Saturday, May 18.

It states that the cat received the degree for "mouse hunting and popularity among students".

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It is indicated that the cat was not homeless. He lived with his human family in a building near the main entrance to the campus.

“One day he came to campus and just decided to stay. And the students loved him," said one of the students.

The cat has lived on campus for about four years now, and students are thrilled to see him. They hug Max, take a selfie with him. He likes to hang out with newbies.

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"With loud purrs of approval from the faculty, the board of trustees awarded Max Doe the prestigious title of Doctor of Garbage Science, along with all the benefits of catnip, privileges and responsibilities that come with it," the university's website wrote.


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