In Europe, the amount of aid to Ukrainian refugees is sharply reduced: where will they pay less

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In one of the European countries, the amount of state aid to Ukrainian refugees is drastically reduced. The amount of payments will be reduced for about a third of Ukrainian citizens who are in this country. In this way, the state wants to stimulate refugees to find work and arrange their lives independently.

We are talking about Ireland, which had problems with housing even before the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine and before the increase in the flow of refugees to this country. Naturally, the influx of migrants has exacerbated these problems, and now the state is unable to provide housing for the arriving people.

At first glance, Ireland has nothing to complain about: compared to other European countries, a small number of Ukrainians found refuge there. Yes, since the beginning of the full-scale war, 107 thousand of our fellow citizens have arrived there. However, not all of them stayed, and today there are a total of 86 Ukrainians.

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However, Ireland itself is small, and its indigenous population is small - only 5,3 million people. And if you take into account that not all of them are able to work (as in any state, there are children, disabled and elderly people), then it is difficult for such a population to support so many refugees. If you count the number of migrants per million people, Ireland has one of the highest rates.

Ireland cannot fund that much free housing for refugees

In addition, this country already had problems with the lack of housing even before the mass influx of Ukrainians. And with the arrival of our fellow citizens, these problems intensified. Therefore, in March of this year, the Irish government limited the maximum period of free housing for new refugees to three months. In addition, they are assigned lower payments than those who arrived earlier. Such rules came into effect on March 14.

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In Europe, the amount of aid to Ukrainian refugees is sharply reduced: where will they pay less

This is due to the fact that refugees who have been accommodated in free housing also receive a minimum set of vital services free of charge. This package includes accommodation, meals, the possibility of washing clothes and some other household services.

So now the state has decided to reduce the amount of assistance to those who settled in free housing earlier, before the release of this resolution. Yes, until now they received assistance in the amount of 220 euros per person. However, now they intend to reduce it to 38,8 euros.

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At the same time, the Minister of Finance of Ireland, Michael McGrath, emphasized that such a reduction in payments will affect only those Ukrainians who live in state-funded hotels, as they receive many free services. According to the calculations of the Irish government, the reduction of payments will affect about a third of the Ukrainians who are currently there. That is, about 27 thousand people.

Such a step is aimed not only at reducing the burden of public expenditure on refugees, but also at stimulating them to find work and achieve financial independence, says the minister.