Explosions rang out in Russia - refineries are on fire

19.05.2024/19/02 XNUMX:XNUMX    659

Explosions rang out in Vyborg, Leningrad Region, and a fire broke out in the area of ​​a local oil depot. A fire also broke out at the refinery in Sloviansk-na-Kuban, according to preliminary data, due to an attack by drones.

As reported by Ukrinform, this was reported by the Baza telegram channel.

"Eyewitnesses report the sounds of explosions in Vyborg, Leningrad region. After that, a fire started in the area of ​​the local oil depot. It is not known what exactly happened," the message reads.

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"There was a fire on the territory of the refinery in Sloviansk-na-Kuban. According to preliminary data, the oil depot was attacked by drones - eyewitnesses report the sounds of explosions," the Baza telegram channel later reported.