The US will change its policy regarding strikes on Russia - mass media

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The US will change its policy regarding strikes on Russia - mass media

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Operation of the HIMARS system

Bloomberg journalists recalled that the Biden administration previously hesitated on many issues, but later still conceded.

The USA does not allow Ukraine to strike the territory of Russia with American weapons, but Kyiv needs such permission to stop the Russian offensive on part of the eastern regions. However, there are hints that Washington's stance on cross-border strikes by American weapons may be changing. This is stated by the Bloomberg news agency in its material.

Russia has launched an offensive against Kharkiv, although the occupation of the city is unlikely, but this offensive demonstrates the price that Ukraine is paying for America's hesitation. It also emphasizes the absurdity of US restrictions that prevent Kyiv from fighting Russia on its territory.

The forces of the Russian Federation are probably not enough to take the city. Most likely, this attack is aimed at less important but necessary targets, according to the media. In particular, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin wants to create a buffer zone to protect his border. Because Ukrainian forces attacked Russian Belgorod and sent Russian volunteers to raid across the border. Putin needs to stop these attacks.

The dictator also wants to return Kharkiv to the range of Russian artillery. Even if he cannot take the city, he will try to make it uninhabitable.

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Russia will direct its main efforts to the east, and not to Kharkiv, the publication assumes. The goal will be to capture as much of Donbas as possible.

Moscow believes that Ukraine does not have the manpower or firepower to defend itself everywhere. If Ukraine commits limited forces to defend Kharkiv, the Defense Forces will be more vulnerable to an assault from the east.

Ukrainian forces are in dire need of everything: from ammunition to small arms, artillery and anti-aircraft defense. The setbacks Ukraine is currently suffering are partly the price of a six-month delay in American aid.

The situation also exposes internal problems: President Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Ukrainian lawmakers have delayed mobilizing additional troops to counter Russian offensives. Ukraine was also in no hurry to build complex multi-layered fortifications, the kind that Russia used with success. Ukrainian forces are now digging in, but they are doing so late and under fire.

Everyone knew that Russia was preparing to attack Kharkiv, but the timing apparently surprised the Ukrainians, the information agency suggests.

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Ukraine cannot use US-supplied high-mobility artillery missile systems (HIMARS) to destroy ammunition depots or command posts on the Russian side of the border, nor can it use recently supplied long-range missiles to attack military or logistical targets in Russia. Kyiv may not even be able to use US-provided air defenses to target Russian planes that use "gliding bombs" to strike the front line around Kharkiv, the authors of the material think.

The media emphasizes that "this policy does not make sense morally - and becomes destructive strategically." Putin is exploiting the fear of the White House by threatening to attack NATO countries "if their weapons are used" in this way.

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The publication believes that the threat is dubious, given that an attack on NATO countries will fundamentally change this war. It will no longer be a Russian-Ukrainian conflict in which Putin can still win. It would be "a Russia-NATO conflict in which he would definitely lose," the publication adds.

The news agency emphasized that not all Western governments are as thoughtful as the American one. In particular, Great Britain said that it would not prevent Ukraine from using British weapons in cross-border attacks. The mass media assumes that the USA will take such a policy as an example.

Journalists recalled that earlier Biden's strategy changed: he repeatedly refused to provide certain weapons to Ukraine, fearing escalation, and then relented. In particular, there are now hints that the US position on cross-border strikes may change. The media outlet adds that Washington should not delay this decision.