Russia increased spending on foreign "journalists" - CNS

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Russia increased spending on foreign journalists - CNS

Photo: Russian mass media

Russian cooperation is a structure that ensures the functioning of the Russian agent network throughout the world

Future "media workers" are trained at Sputnik and Komsomolskaya Pravda, in order to later work as "Kremlin's mouthpiece" in their countries.

The ruling regime of the Russian Federation through Co-operation increases spending on programs for foreign "journalists, bloggers and youth". This was announced by the Center of National Resistance (CNS) on Friday, May 17.

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Co-operation is a structure that ensures the functioning of the Russian intelligence network throughout the world. In four months of 2024, it announced tenders for "correct coverage" of the war for 230 million rubles — more than in the entire year of 2023.

Co-operation annually pays for trips to Russia, as well as to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, of thousands of young "representatives of social and political circles" from abroad.

So-called foreign "journalists" are trained in Russia at the Sputnik news agency and Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

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"In the future, they become centers of propaganda in their countries and conduct information campaigns against Ukraine and the entire civilized world," summarized the Central Committee of the Central Intelligence Agency.