Simple ways to deal with daytime sleepiness

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Walking up the stairs, walking in the park, interacting with animals, chewing gum - there are various simple ways to cope with daytime sleepiness and increase energy in the afternoon, which is so necessary for work.

Vigorous physical activity. Movement improves blood circulation, ensuring the flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue, which naturally increases energy. Carl Basile, MD (Director of the Department of Epilepsy and Sleep at Columbia University) recommends moving before daytime sleepiness sets in. The simplest actions are suitable - pulling up, walking up the stairs, walking around the building.

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Break. Researchers at the University of Toronto have found that the lack of a lunch break increases fatigue and unproductiveness among office workers. Scientists recommend taking a break from work for this time. Even just stepping away from your desk can recharge you, they say.

A walk in the park. If possible, take a break and go to the nearest park for a while. The results of the experiments show that the opportunity to visit a natural environment helps to better perform memory and attention tests. Such an environment frees the brain from the need to maintain the function of direct attention, which requires active focus (as, for example, does a job or driving a car). A kind of cognitive reboot is taking place.

Animal. According to a study by the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, interacting with animals increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which suppresses stress hormones and makes us calmer and more focused. Thinking about a pet has the same effect. Even watching a video with cats allows you to cope with daytime sleepiness, increasing the level of positive emotions and energy.

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Chewing gum. It has been found that chewing for 15-20 minutes can be a simple way of mental stimulation.

Water. Dehydration causes fatigue, bad mood, difficulty concentrating. Experts at the Mayo Clinic recommend starting your day with a large glass of water and continuing to drink throughout the day.

Favorite melodies. Listening to them while working increases productivity, scientists from the University of Miami came to this conclusion.

The right food. Energy is best supported by proteins (lean meat, fish and eggs) and complex carbohydrates (whole grains, legumes). Leafy greens (cabbage, spinach) provide iron, which helps reduce fatigue. In turn, simple carbohydrates (white bread, pastries, sweets) stimulate a spike and drop in blood sugar, which contributes to a decline in energy and drowsiness.

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