A dangerous sign of high blood pressure, which many ignore, has been named

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High blood pressure can lead to devastating consequences for the body. However, hypertension does not always manifest itself as intrusive symptoms. Some signs of a dangerous condition may not be noticed at all.

High pressure creates an additional load on blood vessels, the heart and other vital organs. Hypertension can affect the condition of the brain, kidneys and eyes. Moreover, it often increases the risk of premature death.

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According to experts, you can find out about high blood pressure by the condition of your legs. Yes, sometimes the problem is indicated by swelling of the ankles. "If you have swollen ankles, this may indicate a risk not only of high blood pressure, but also of heart failure," experts from the British charity Blood pressure UK claim.

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Doctors said that high blood pressure makes the heart work harder. "Over time, this extra effort can cause the heart muscle to become thicker, which affects the efficiency of blood circulation. This will allow fluids to accumulate in your ankles and cause them to swell," the experts explained.

In addition, swollen ankles can be a side effect of some high blood pressure medications, such as calcium channel blockers. Sometimes swollen ankles can be a sign that other vital organs, such as the liver or kidneys, are not working properly.

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