Super-powerful flares on the Sun have reached the depths of the Earth's oceans

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Magnetic storm and the disruption of energy networks — futuristic visionMagnetic storm and the disruption of energy networks — futuristic vision

A powerful geomagnetic storm due to strong flares on the Sun reached the depths of the Earth's sea on May 10-11. About this reported Canadian researchers from the Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) project at the University of Victoria.

ONC's underwater observatories on the west and east coasts of Canada recorded a temporary distortion of the planet's magnetic field at a depth of 2,7 km.

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The most significant magnetic shift changed the direction of the compass in the range of +30 to -30 degrees and was recorded at the Folger Passage underwater site, which is part of the ONC NEPTUNE cable observatory off the coast of Vancouver Island.

The discovery of magnetic disturbances due to the solar storm occurred during data quality checks. Anomalies in the readings of the instruments coincided with a geomagnetic storm, which caused bright auroras in various regions of the Earth.

According to scientists, the next few years will be the peak of the current solar cycle, so such events will occur much more often than in previous years.

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