The network was surprised by a cat with two pairs of ears (PHOTO)

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Recently, a cat nicknamed Yoda became famous on the Internet. Its unique feature is that the animal has two pairs of ears at once. His owners believe that this is good luck..

This unusual gray cat was born with an amazing anomaly - he has four ears at once. And if it were not for this feature, most likely, the animal would be homeless and would not be lucky with fate. But thanks to the "multi-earedness", the cat was noticed by caring people who took it under their wing. Now the four-eared cat is famous and lives like cheese bathed in butter.

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Several years ago, a cat lived near a bar. She brought kittens. It was a pity for the owner to get rid of them. Therefore, he offered his visitors to dissect the cat's offspring. However, few people wanted to take on such a "burden". Among these kittens was our famous cat.

Among the visitors of the bar were the married couple Ted and Valerie. They just recently lost their pet. When they took one of the kittens in their hands, they immediately noticed that he was somehow strange - something was wrong with him. Taking a closer look, Valerie noticed that the kitten had two pairs of ears on its head.

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Valerie perceived such an animal as a sign of fate. She believed that he would bring them happiness. The couple took the kitten.