Chinese scientists will send a humanoid robot into space to help astronauts

19.05.2024/19/30 XNUMX:XNUMX    494

China's Tiangong space station may soon get a new crew member — the humanoid Taikobot. This robot, developed by the National University of Defense Technology in Changsha, was designed to assist with daily tasks aboard the station, such as carrying and delivering items, Northern Macedonia Interesting Engineering.

Taikobot weighs approximately 25 kg and is about 1,6 meters tall. The robot is equipped with an anthropomorphic system with two arms that have six degrees of freedom and several dexterous hands that allow it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

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In addition, Taikobot is equipped with advanced sensors and cameras for navigation and task execution, and its human-like "hands" can perform delicate tasks just like its human counterparts.

In tests on Earth as part of the Tiangong station mock-up, Taikobot assisted workers with various tasks — moving and maintaining equipment, as well as using work tools such as hammers and electric screwdrivers.

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