Get ready, you will have to be generous: the National Bank has warned Ukrainians about the rise in consumer prices

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Ukraine has recently seen a decrease in annual inflation, but it stabilized in April. Experts of the National Bank predict that soon inflation will rise again due to the increase in the prices of basic consumer goods, TSN writes.

So, for the first time in several months, the annual rate of inflation did not decrease in April, remaining at the level of 3,2%. However, compared to March, inflation increased by 0,2%.

The National Bank expected such dynamics, but predicted a more significant increase in prices. Warm weather, large stocks of agricultural products from last year and the reorientation of producers to the domestic market have slowed down price growth.

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However, other factors that provoke price growth have intensified. Among them are an increase in the cost of importing products and an increase in salaries in companies. These factors will put pressure on prices and lead to acceleration of inflation in the coming months, according to the National Bank.

Which goods are going up in price:


In the next month or two, the electricity tariff may increase. The exact price is still unknown, but an increase of one and a half to two times is expected. This will inevitably lead to an increase in the price of other goods.

Automobile fuel

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Fuel prices will rise significantly. According to the forecast of the National Bank, they will grow by 13,2%. However, economist Denys Bezlyudko believes that a significant increase in fuel prices should not be expected in May.

He noted that the recent blockade of the border by Polish farmers did not greatly affect the cost of fuel, as it is imported into Ukraine mainly by rail. The only factor that can increase fuel prices is spring field work, due to which farmers have significantly increased fuel costs.

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Medical preparations

All medical goods, including pharmaceutical products and equipment, started to become more expensive.


Due to night frosts, the harvest of horticultural crops in Ukraine will decrease significantly. Apricots, plums and early varieties of apples are especially affected, and problems with grapes are also possible. Therefore, the prices of fruits will be high this year.


Milk prices are rising due to an increase in the volume of dairy exports. However, experts believe that the prices of domestic dairy products will remain approximately at the current level.