Choose a gas or electric stove to save money

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When choosing a stove for your kitchen, everyone is faced with a dilemma: to choose gas or electric. This choice can significantly affect a person's cooking habits, energy costs, and the convenience and safety of use.

The editors of the News Pro website talk about the key characteristics and advantages of both types of plates.

High-power gas stoves consume a small amount of natural gas, consuming ten times less fuel compared to boilers connected to a centralized gas supply network.

Although gas devices are often inferior to electric and induction stoves in terms of economy, they have other significant advantages:

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  1. Vartіst: top kitchen equipment is often available at a reasonable price.
  2. Cooking speed: due to the high efficiency factor, gas stoves provide fast heat treatment of products.
  3. Repair availability: craftsmen in service centers easily diagnose and repair gas stoves.
  4. Compatibility with dishes: gas appliances work great with both old cast iron pans and new enamel pots.

Thus, the operation of gas stoves remains economically profitable. Despite the appearance of more economical solutions, gas stoves retain their popularity.

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What are the advantages and features of electric plates

Electric stoves also have numerous advantages. One of them is the minimal consumption of energy resources even at high load. Regular operation of such devices for cooking has little effect on utility bills. Users note the following advantages of electric stoves:

  1. Savings during installation: connecting an electric stove requires less effort and resources compared to preparing a gas device.
  2. Self-cleaning: many electric stoves support the self-cleaning function, which reduces the cost of detergents.
  3. Flexible temperature mode: the possibility of choosing a temperature regime contributes to the economical use of energy resources.
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The disadvantage of electric stoves is that many dishes take longer to cook on them than on gas stoves. However, induction cookers demonstrate excellent cooking speed.

Which is cheaper to maintain

The choice between gas and electric stoves depends on the technical characteristics of specific models. Among both gas and electric stoves, there are devices that require minimal investment in maintenance, which makes them profitable for the family budget.