Experts told why you can't leave a car with the wheels turned

19.05.2024/23/21 XNUMX:XNUMX    1597

Many drivers in Ukraine leave their cars in the parking lot with the front wheels turned. They believe this helps protect the car from theft and towing. But in reality, it can create problems and damage the car.

Experienced auto repairers say that modern tow trucks can lift the car on all four wheels, so the trick of turning the steering wheel will not help protect the car from theft. Thieves already know how to bypass such security measures. And you can simply make it difficult for your neighbors in the parking lot, or even damage their cars.

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In addition, such a habit can damage the machine itself. If the car has power steering, its mechanism may fail. When the driver leaves the car with the wheels turned, the power steering pump experiences more stress, which leads to its faster wear. The restoration of this element will cost the owner of the car a large amount.

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