A woman tried to run away from the clinic after plastic surgery in order not to pay (video)

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The patient came from another country and tried to run away immediately after the cosmetic procedure on her face. The woman was noticed by nurses, who detained her until the arrival of security.

The foreigner, whose name has not been released, tried to escape from a private clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, a few hours after undergoing plastic surgery to avoid paying for it. Oddity Central writes about it.

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The incident happened last week in Istanbul's Sisli district and was caught on camera by passers-by. In a short video that has gone viral on social media, a woman in a hospital gown and white slippers can be seen arguing with doctors and nurses who try to stop her from leaving. The patient's face is noticeably swollen and almost completely covered with bandages, which is quite logical, considering that just a few hours before, she underwent a major plastic surgery. It turned out that immediately after the anesthesia wore off, she tried to run away in order not to pay for the procedure.

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The incident happened last week in a private clinic
Photos: YouTube

The Turkish television company NTV reported that the foreigner, whose identity and nationality have not been disclosed, came to Turkey to undergo plastic surgery on her face. She talked to the doctors, negotiated the procedure and its cost, but as soon as she was able to walk after the cosmetic procedure, she allegedly tried to flee the hospital without paying.

Clinic staff spotted her as she was leaving the hospital and tried to detain her. A scuffle ensued, the woman was not allowed to leave until security arrived, and she began swearing at the nurses and doctors in a foreign language. It is reported that later the patient was escorted back to the hospital, but it is not yet known how the situation was resolved.

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